Feb 082012

How’s it goin’ everyone!? SC Family here sending out a special request. Every year the Good Times and Santa Cruz Weekly, local news papers in SC County, put on a “Best Of” contest
This year we want to make Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop one of the winners, but we need your help.

Why is Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop the best surf/skate shop you ask? Well…let us give you an idea of what we are all about…

1. Locally owned since day one
2. Our employees skate and surf
3. Heavily involved with local non profits, specifically Grind Out Hunger
4. We have a mini ramp in the back of our shop for the public to skate
5. We provide a place for kids to hang out with our tv’s couches, foosball table, pool table, arcade games, and more…
6. We do this because we love it 

Sure there are probably more reasons…but thats just a taste of who we are and what we do. Now head on over to the link below and nominate “Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop” and the best Surf/skate shop in SC!


Thank you for all of your support!

~ SC Family





Jan 202012


Here is how it is gonna work…two 3 hour sessions a day, we will allow up to 6 people at a time to skate the ramp FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Once someone leaves their session and another skater wants to jump in on a session they can for the standard fee. Pros, ho’s, friends and enemies all have to wear helmets and everyone pays. Sorry, unless you are a Santa Cruz Skate Shop team rider or VIP you have to pay. In addition there are some basic rules as follows:


1. Don’t be a jackass, if you think you might be…you are. Low tolerance for this one. First couple of offenses you will be verbally warned, depending on who is moderating the ramp if you are an extreme jackass you might be asked to leave. If you get asked to leave and continue to be a jackass you will be barred from coming back.

2. Everyone wears a helmet, see rule #1.

3. Clean up after yourself, throw your trash away. If you leave articles of clothing behind there will be a box we put that in. Every so often we will donate this clothing. See rule #1.

4. This is a PRIVATE ramp we do not have to let everyone skate, some people will never see this ramp. The ramp is ran by skaters for skaters, we want you to have fun. Pay attention to rule #1.

5. No alcohol allowed in skate ramp area during skate sessions. See rule #1.


LOT F is opening with an OPTIONAL SC FAMILY membership : $50 /year membership

SC FAMILY MEMBERS:  $3 for a 3 hour skate sesh 15% off skateboards, trucks, wheels and hard goods 20% off clothing and sunglasses.

NON-MEMBERS: $5 per skate sesh 3 hour skate session

Daily Sessions will be open from 12pm-3pm & 3pm-6pm please call ahead to see if ramp is open(once you are in the system you will have our phone number), or you can check the LIVE CAM CLICK HERE.

A waiver MUST be filled out, NOTARIZED and turned into Santa Cruz Skate Shop in order to skate the mini ramp. NO EXCEPTIONS EVEN VIP’S AND TEAM RIDERS. Once you are in the system you must bring an ID to be able to skate or be accompanied by your parents.




Purchase your SC FAMILY MEMBERSHIP online. 

Wall Ramp

Lot F

Your worst nightmare...




Jan 062012


It’s a NEW YEAR and we have decided that we are going to start bringing back some old SC logos and artwork. Rad, right!? We are going to be releasing small LIMITED batches periodically throughout the year, which means once they hit the floor at the shop you better come get ’em because WE dont even know how long they will be available for…

Get it? Got it? GOOD.



Oh and did we mention that these tees are all going to be $12.95 EACH!
can you say DEAL or what!? 

Our first release is the SC/Surf City tee. With a NEW “Cracked SC” logo on front and the classic Surf City art by Jimbo Phillips on the back. You are going to want to pick one of these up quick because we only printed 14 of them. We may print more…we may not…

Mens Tee available white on black or black on white. 

Head on over to 912 41st Ave and pick one of these tees up TODAY! 

You can also ORDER A SHIRT ONLINE!!! 


Zane Dude rockin the new tee.

Dec 302011

Ever wonder how the Pro’s do those sick skateboard tricks? Now you can master those tricks – anything from: ollies, rails, stairs, curbs, flips, ledges and bowls to air – jump to Facebook and let your friends know that you’ve nailed a trick, find the closest skate park, buy a skateboard and accessories, or hop to Strange Notes to check what’s happening in the skateboarding world with GoLearn Skateboarding Explained, brought to you by Whagaa Software, Dan MacFarlane (creator of the #1 instructional skateboarding DVD in the world, Skateboarding Explained*), Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop, Strange Notes and NHS Fun Factory (Independent Trucks, Creature, Santa Cruz, Krux, Ricta, Mob Grip, and Flip).

Pro Dan MacFarlane and the Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop Experts show you how to nail the tricks with step-by-step video instruction and tips. You’ll also learn how to repair your skateboard (trucks, bearings, grip tape and more) and the proper safety gear. 

“Our perception of what the skateboarder needs as functionality comes from a lifetime of involvement. Skaters want to see different tricks performed by different people in different places. By providing an intimate discussion of how to re-thread a truck axle or walking you through doing a Miller Flip, it’s as if we are speaking directly to the skater. Couple that with a GPS-driven Skate Park Locator for the traveling skater and the GoLearn Skateboarding Explained application is unparalled in today’s market. Our partnership’s with Whagaa, Skateboarding Explained and NHS is an exciting one allowing us to transform our vision of Action Sport applications into reality,” comments Danny Keith, CEO of Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop.

With the GPS Skate Park locator, you always have a place to skate – you can find a park near you, get a map, and then let your friends know where to meet you.**

Strange Notes gives you access to free videos from skateboarding’s top pros twice weekly, the latest Skateboarding news, events, contests, RSS feeds, and lets you enter monthly contests on StrangeNotes.com so you can win skateboard decks, trucks, clothing, gear, wheels and more.

You can purchase decks, bearings, grip tape, shoes, clothing or whatever you need in the world of skateboarding in the NHS Fun Factory Store directly from the App.

GoLearn Skateboarding Explained Features:
– All new user interface.
– App comes with 16 high definition videos, including skateboarding safety videos and tips.
– 90 additional tips and tricks videos, including essential tips and tricks from Dan MacFarlane’s
Skateboarding Explained DVDs, are available for download at 99 cents each.
– Facebook integration.
– GPS Skatepark locator.
– Access to Strange Notes with the ability to enter and win free gear.
– Access to NHS Fun Factory to purchase Skateboard gear and accessories.
– Detailed bios about the Pros who provide instruction.

*Skateboarding Explained received 5 out of 5 stars, and was rated #1 on the “Best Top 10 Instructional Skateboard Videos” list by Skateboard.About.com. It was also selected for their “Top 10 Skateboarder Gift Ideas” list for four years in a row. “This is the pinnacle of what a how-to video should be” said Nate Sherwood, Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. “DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED” by Concrete Wave Magazine.

**GPS, Phone or Wifi connection required for automatic location detection and Internet connection required for maps.





Jun 132012

This summer, Bravo is premiering Miss Advised, a reality show with appearances by LIVE 105′s own Menace from Music in the Morning. Be sure to catch the season premiere on Monday, June 18th at 10PM on Bravo!

Visit Bravo.com to watch a trailer for the show and see Menace tease Emily Morse, his co-host of the ‘Sex With Emily’ podcast and primary personality on Miss Advised, for a taste of what to expect this season.

Looks like Menace might have some funny one-liners on the show, so be sure to check him out this summer and listen to him on ‘Music in the Morning,’ Monday through Friday, 6AM to 10AM.

Mark your calendar for the season premiere – June 18th at 10 PM on Bravo!

Follow Menace on:






Read more: Menace Is Coming To Bravo http://live105.radio.com/2012/05/17/menace-miss-advised/#ixzz1xiGXkakG

Jan 122012

Dave Venor Surfboards are back and we are excited about the new wide selection of radical… insane… and very sane shapes for every surfer! Dave a great board builder (and an even better guy) just dropped of a fresh batch with more to come. Dave will be doing custom orders through the shop as well. SCSS’s selection of new and used surfboards is at 90+ boards and growing.